Physio stimulation

Physio stimulation increases the muscle mass and tones the body. This feature can also be used for firming the facial muscles.

This is a computerized muscle stimulator for firming of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and bust. With this, the muscles are toned whilst the client lies on the bench. The method also helps bad back musculature. Low-frequency current is pulsating through adhesive electrodes. The electrodes are controlled by microprocessors which stimulates the muscle fibers.

Physio stimulation works from within the body by stimulating the nervous system around the muscles. The muscles are instructed to contract, by giving more energy than necessary, so that the muscle retrieves the remaining energy needed from fat tissue. This increases the body’s fat burning.

The treatment will go throught three phases in order to achieve maximum effect.

  1. Preparation phase: Muscles are being prepared for contraction by gradually increasing the temperature, increasing circulation and stimulates cell activity.
  2. Active stimulation phase: The problem area is tightened and shaped. The muscles relax and stretch to avoid pain and cramping after treatment.
  3. Relaxation phase

Face treatment with physio stimulation

This treatment can be used for firming and reducing the double chin. The pads must be attached so that the facial nerve (Trigeminal Paciales) is stimulated. This nerve branches from a point below the ears forward to the different muscle groups of the face and neck. Pads can be attached over each of these branches of the muscle groups should be stimuelert.


There are 7 treatment programs for fysiostimulation:

  • Hips & tighs – seat
  • Legs (lower limbs)
  • Abdomen – Waist – Hips and thighs – seat
  • Stomach – buttocks
  • Back – arms and buttocks
  • Chin firming
  • Pectoral muscles


With this feature you can choose between using:

  • Electrodes
  • Gloves
  • Rolls

The pads are applied to each channel of current.