Lymphatic drainage

This advanced technology for lymphatic drainage is both efficient and pleasant, and that it is suitable for both face and body. It is a automatically treatment with guaranteed results, whether for dieting or removal of fluid collections.

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system supplies circulation, ensures that excess liquid does not accumulate, captures larger particles which can not get back into the blood and plays a central role in infection defense.

The lymphatic system complements and interacts with the blood circulation system so that fluid can flow from tissues outside the blood vessels and into the blood. Lymph vessels can transport proteins and larger particles away from the tissue when these can not be taken directly into the bloodstream. This reversal of proteins to blood from body tissues is a vital function. Our technology is based on Vodder techniek  and developed by Philippe Franck, physiotherapist and president of the French Association for lymphoedema.

Lymphatic main tasks:

  • Help remove dead cells
  • Remove excess of egg white (protein) substance in the cell membrane, as this binds fluid (edema)
  • Transportation of excess water and dissolved fluids from the blood to the tissue fluid
  • Transportation of fat from the intestine into the bloodstream
  • Starting immune responses
  • Fight infections
  • Remove foreign cells (virus, bacterias etc)

Due to  partly poor diet and sedentary work we can get stagnation in lymphatic systems. This affects the health. You have less energy and generally feel more tired. A “cleansing” of the lymphatic system may cause you to feel considerably better. Regardless of your body size.

IMG_8001Lymphatic drainage with electrodes

There are three areas of treatment for lymphatic drainage with electrodes.

  • The lower limb
  • The lower limbs and stomach
  • Stomach, chest and arms

Every program has three stages:

  • Level 1: To improve the condition of the veins.
  • Level 2: To collect fat and toxins.
  • Level 3: The elimination Stage to cleanse the veins.


Lymphatic drainage with rollers or gloves

These programs are used for stimulation of the skin (epidermis) and activation of the lymphatic system.