Reversing sun damage

The treatment reverses sun damage to your skin and make your skin soft and smooth again. It reduces free radicals and gives the skin a fresh and radiant look. 

When the skin is exposed to too much sun it responds by thicken to help protect the skin. Ultraviolet radiation influences definitely changes in the connective tissue. This includes a basophilic degeneration of collagen and firming of the elastic material in the middle and upper sections of the skin and an increased amount of glycosaminoglycans. The skin becomes thinner with age and also becomes atrophic. This is completely different from the changes occurring in chemically damaged skin. This increased thickness occurs because the elastic material piles up.

Typical sun damaged skin has an appearance that seems soft and coarse while the elastic is reduced. Chemically damaged skin is in the final stage atrophic and blood vessels may then emerge so the skin appear clinically abnormal. The treatment aims is to achieve a more elastic and supple, and affect the production of collagen making the skin appear soft and normal.

Hyper pigmentation

Lene got several pigment spots during the pregnancy. She received three sessions with DUI pigment treatment. The pigment spots gradually became smaller and the skin tone more even.

Recommended treatments: Once a week to a satisfied result is achieved. Follow-up once every 3 weeks.

Home treatment: Cleansing Serum, Cleansing Tonic, Pigment Formula, Anti-Couperose eller Anti-Swelling, Youth Formula, Gel Moisturiser, Day Cream, Night cream, Nutritious Cream mask, Skin Polish