Pigment spots

Skin that to a certain extent have darker parties, spots, freckles or so-called age spots is affected by what is usually called age spots.

Reasons for pigment spots

Today skin pimentatiom is a common issue. Many people experience to get it in connection with pregnancy and breast- feeding, hormonal changes or excessive sun exposure.

Age spots are brown or dark spots on the skin, and can be annoying for many. It may involve one or more individual spots (lentigo solaris) or more widespread instances (melasma), which gives the appearance of uneven skin. Melasma may gradually disappear by itself after pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy, but will likely return as soon as the skin is exposed to the sun again. Melasma occurs more frequently in people who have a darker skin type, in other words people who have a higher pigment content in the skin.

The main cause of hyperpigmentation is sun exposure. UV radiation gets the body’s pigment cells to form pigment as a natural protection against UV radiation. Intensive and prolonged sun exposure can lead to exaggerated and patchy production of pigment. With age this appears frequently as so called age spots – dark spots that are common in areas that have been exposed to the sun, such as the hands. Discoloration of the skin can also occur as a result of the use of cosmetics, perfumes and medicines in combination with the sun, or caused by scar, for example by acne.

The treatment

Audrey Christian Octagon Face & Body, with its automatic functions, will help the therapist to work more effectively on the issue. Treatment aims to reverse damage done by the free radicals in the skin which is manifested as over-pigmentation. It increases blood circulation, improves the blood’s own cleansing mechanism and forces the skin to release the excess pigmentation of the skin surface. This creates a healthy skin that promotes beauty and balance.


Lene got multiple pigment spots during her pregnancy. She have received DUI treatment and after several treatments the pigmentation has become greatly reduced and the skin tone is smoother.

Reverses sun damage

Audrey Christian Octagon Face & Body, with its automatic functions, will help the therapist to work more efficiently. The treatment reverse the damage to your skin from the sun, which makes the skin soft and smooth again. It reduces free radicals, which gives your skin a fresh and more radiant look.

Reverses pigmentation

Free radicales, ultraviolet rays, hormonal imbalances, wrong medicine and cosmetics can cause pigmentation. Octagon Face & Body pigment treatment reverses these injuries and creating a healthy skin promoting beauty and balance.

Combined with DUI herbal blends

Dui herbal blends regulates pigmentation of the skin, as well as cleansing of excess pigmentation. Flavonoids from herbs act as a barrier for the penetration of ultraviolet rays to the dermal layer. They are therefore also effective as sunscreen that lasts all day

Pigment spot

The picture to the right shows the removal of a pigment spot on Hege`s forehead. As shown the pigment spot is completely gone.

Recommended treatments: 1-2 times a week, a total of 10 times or more.

Home treatment: DUI Youth Formula, Slim Formula, Red Scar, Nutritious Cream Mask, Audrey Christian Push Up 5 to10 Face Cream