Chinese Facelift™

Chinese facelift™ with stimulation of acupuncture points on the face and neck in combination with the synergic effect of herbs. This effect gives an amazing muscle and skin firming, and erases wrinkles in such a way that the client seems much younger. Meanwhile, the skin tissue looks smoother and more youthful.

Octagon Face & Body uses milliamperes with low voltage to increase circulation and strengthen the cell’s regenerative ability and smoothes the wrinkles.

What can you expect from treatment?

  • Neck
    Firming of loose skin around the neck and under the chin. In other words, the removal of the typical «turkey neck» appearance. Lines and fine wrinkles are less noticeable.
  • Face
    Firming the skin. Skin tissue becomes smoother. Muscles become firmer and you get a lift.
  • Result
    Look 5-10 years younger


AC-KonfidensA good alternative to Botox and Restylane Injections! 
Treatments with low frequency voltage relaxes wrinkles simultaneously as Konfidensis forced into the skin so that the wrinkles are filled up. Hyaluronic acid mikrosphere in Konfidens swells up to 40 times its own size. The wrinkles are filled up and the treatment provides a deep moisturizing effect in connective tissue under the skin. The result is a smoother skin and a more youthful appearance from the first treatment.

Chinese Facelift and Konfidens

The picture on the right shows filling of wrinkles after one treatment on Ingrid (36 years). Expression wrinkles and lines around the eyes, forehead and the lips are smoother and filled up. Eyelids are less heavy, and eyes are more alert.

Additional treatment of wrinkles with metal gloves

This treatment tones and shapes the muscles and skin of the face and erases wrinkles. Silver Threads in gloves add value to the treatment by boosting cellular rejuvenation and repair, as well as relaxing the wrinkles

When combined with Konfidens the treatment will fill out the wrinkles, give an instant lift and reduce the wrinkles. With continuous treatments the skins texture will also improve.

Kinesisk ansiktsløft med sølvhansker

May Britt got a clear improvement in her skins appearance. The eyes are more open, eyelids have gotten a boost, the wrinkles on the face is smoothed out. You can see this particularly around the eyes, forehead and cheeks. The lips have also become fuller.
The result after one treatment with Chinese facelift™ with metallic gloves on Inger (70 years). Her eyes are more open and those heavy eyelids were reduced. She also gained a lift, wrinkles reduced and smoother skin

Extra treatment on the «turkey neck» with Ultrasound and LED light

The treatment combined both ultrasound and LED light, to give energy for firming and lifting the “turkey neck”.

Kinesisk ansiktløft med ekstra behandling med ultralyd og LED


The result after one treatment with Chinese facelift™ with ultrasound and LED light on Hanna (74 years). She achieved alert eyes, eyes are more open and heavy eyelids reduced. Turkeyn eck is reduced with a 10,5% angle and the skin is smoother.



When coupled with Dui herbal blends, the Audrey Christian Octagon Face & Body is able to restore your skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

Recommended treatment: 1-2 times a week, depending on the condition and quality of the skin, the muscles and the person’s health condition.

After treatment: Once a month

Home treatment: DUI Cleansing Serum, Cleansing Tonic, Youth Formula, Moisturising Gel, Firm Again Eye Gel, Firm Again Face cream, V.factor, Nutritious Cream Mask and Audrey Christian Renz and Konfidens.

We recommend Audrey Christian Push Up 5 to 10 Face Cream and Eye Gel for improved effect!