Facial treatments

Give instant facelift and remove wrinkles.

Audrey Christian Octagon Face & Body presents 6 different treatments for a more youthful and glowing appearance. By improving energy flow, we can achieve a natural face without surgery or syringes.

What it dos for the skin?

The treatment results in tighter skin muscles, better toning of the skin, younger looking skin, better structure and an improvement of the skin’s overall condition and obviously less visible wrinkles. Audrey Christian Octagon Face & Body uses milliamperes
with low voltage to increase circulation and strengthen the cell’s regenerative ability.

Reverse sun damage

The treatment reverses sun damage to your skin and make your skin soft and smooth again. It reduces free radicals and gives the skin a fresh and radiant look.

Reverse pigmentation

Free radicales, ultraviolet rays, hormonal imbalances, wrong medicine and cosmetics can cause pigmentation. Octagon Face & Body pigment treatment reverses these injuries and creating a healthy skin promoting beauty and balance.

Removes acne and prevents scarring

This is a combined treatment with both facial and lymphatic drainage to ensure optimal results for acne. This treatment is both healing and deep cleansing. You can achieve results already after the first treatment. It does not require manual draining of acne.

The treatment is not only mild and relaxing, but also painless and reduces the possibility of scarring, which is often a consequence of acne.

Improves Couperose skin

This treatment cleanses the skin tissue in the depth and removes the stagnation in the capillaries that provide the distinctive red color. The treatment also stimulate cell renewal.

Improves appearance of lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

The Octagon Face & Body can reverse skin problems caused by aging, sun and environmental damage.

Facelift with silver metal gloves

This treatment tones and shapes the muscles and skin of the face and erases wrinkles. Silver Threads in gloves add value to the treatment by boosting cellular rejuvenation and repair, as well as relaxing the wrinkles.

When combined with our fantastic serum Konfidens, the treatment will give an instant facelift and less wrinkles. With repeated treatments the texture of the skin will improve.

Chinese facelift™

Chinese facelift™ with stimulation of acupuncture points on the face and neck in combination with the synergic effect of herbs. This effect gives an amazing muscle and skin firming, and erases wrinkles in such a way that the client seems much younger. Meanwhile, the skin tissue looks smoother and more youthful.

Chinese facelift™with extra Ultrasound and LED light treatment on the «turkey neck»

The treatment combined both ultrasound and LED light, to give energy for firming and lifting the “turkey neck”.