Stretch marks

No more ugly stretch marks!

Repair and tighten your stretchmarks with Audrey Christian Octagon today.

Fast and quick results

strekkmerker-rollersAudrey Christian Octagon Face & Body employs the use of low electrical impulses that stimulate the body’s own bioelectrical system; this can lead to production of new nerves, production of new cells in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. (Becker)

The combination with Dui herbal blends and Audrey Christian Push Up breast, neck & tummy cream with the Audrey Christian Octagon machine will lead to renewed skin structure; reducing and repairing the stretch marks as well as fading the pink, red or purple colours.

The colours are faded quickly after 1 or 2 treatments. The stretch marks are reduced on average by 50% with 10 treatments and are further reduced with more treatments

What are stretchmarks?

Stretch marks look like scar or veins. They appear after a prolonged stretching of the skin, stretching beyond the skin’s elasticity ability and a tear in the deep layer of the skin results. This tear can cause poorer qi and blood circulation and create an area of stagnation resulting in poorer exchanges of oxygen, nutrients, wastes and carbon dioxide. With many years of experience in working on people with abdominal stretch marks tend to have more fat deposits and cellulite on their abdomen. Similarly for the thighs. This could be due to the poor exchanges and fat is deposited at the scarred areas with stretch marks to store the wastes and toxins.

Reasons for stretchmarks:
1. Growth spurt in adolescence
2. Pregnancy
3. Body building
4. Obesity
5. Rapid weight loss

Recent research have found that an imbalance between zinc and copper can lead to stretch marks, a weakness in the connective tissue. (Wilson, 2015)

«I am so happy!», says Elin. My stomach looks so much better. My stretch marks are smaller and less visible, both in size and visual. My stomach is also smaller and tighter. I got the stretchmarks after my pregnancy with my first child three years ago. This was a very treumatic experience, since I was only 22 years old. I thouht I had to live with these scars my hole life. After ten Dui Clinique treatments with on my stretch marks, I was very pleased. Even my husband thought it was miraculous that the skin on changed so much just after just two treatment.

I used to go to the gym three times a week, but I never managed to reduce my stomach. After I started with the Dui Clinique treatments, my stomach became smaller and tighter. It is amazing that the stomach changed only by treating the scars. I have no trouble recommending this treatment to anyone who has stretch marks, because it actually works! Even my friends envy me.


Before                                             After


Recommended treatment: 1-2 times a week, a total of 10 times or more.

Home treatment: DUI Youth Formula, Slim Formula, Nutritious Cream Mask and Audrey Christian Push Up Breast, neck and tummy cream.