Are you troubled by stretchmarks or scars from acne, accidents, surgery or other forms of scar?

Reduce and smooths out scars

The illustration shows the resistance to the bioelectrical flow around a scar. The scar blocks the body`s bioelectrical flow, resulting in a poorer nerve and blood circulation hence causing stagnation.

The Dui Clinique concept is a pioneer in reducing and smoothening most types of scars. The scar becomes softer, smaller and in many cases almost disappears. Pains in the scars are also often reduced. Audrey Christian Octagon Face & Body, with its automatic functions, will assist the therapist to work more efficiently.

There is no limitation about the types scars can be treated. Not just the outside the body, but also inside. Often occurs the internal adhesions after a scar. These can often be painful, but be treated the same manner as external scars.

The treatment uses a high requency of 1500 pulses per second directly on the scar by using a probe. Pulsations penetrates the skin layers and «flatten» the scar so that the energies are allowed to operate freely again.

Herbal mixture applied to the scar is also essential in the treatment. This combination initiates both blood circulation and energyflow. Thus released stagnation in the tissues and free the body’s own healing ability to get an opportunity to do the job.

Reduse caesarean scar

The picture above shows the caesarean scar before the Chinese scar treatment. The picture below shows the improvement already after the first treatment.

By caesarean scar the surgeon cuts of all energy paths, which to the women’s despair often lead to a protruding abdomen stomach and can also cause decreasing of sexual desire. This type of scarring called is keloids. Keloid scarring is defined as beyond the original boundary of the injury and is characterized by thickening around the healing area. The scar can cause pain and itching.

The treatment loosens the knot formed after surgery so that the flow of energy starts up again. The skin around the scar gets fed nutrients again by increased blood circulation and energy balance. The body initiates its own healing process and
come back into balance.

As you can see in the pictures to the right the clients caesarean scar has become a lot smaller and less red. Especially the ends of the scar is less visible and a part has been completely gone.


Recommended treatment:  1-2 times a week, a minimum of 10 treatments or to a satisfying result is achieved.

Home treatment: DUI Youth Formula, Slim Formula, Red Scar, Nutritious, Cream Mask.


Oddrun Elis Elmer
OddrunIn 1993 she was diagnosed with Bullous Emphysema, which resulted in her having to remove the left lung at Rikshospitalet. Due to large scar pain she eventually  was offered treatment at the Vestfold Hospital’s pain clinic. The diagnosis was Maccloud`s syndrome. In four years, she got first class treatment there, but did not become well. There were good and bad periods where the pain «took her again.» She was not a simple case.

She has received 12 scar treatments with Dui Clinique. After only a few treatments the pain was greatly reduced. Today she is virtually pain free! Furthermore the scar is significantly less visible, the skin is smoother (not so gnarled) and the the deep «hollow» is as good as gone.

Oddrun’ve got more energy and feels that she currently function in a far better way, both at work and at home.

Before: Scar from the removing of the left lung. Oddrun has great pain in the scar.
arr etter
After: Oddrun is pain free and got more energy. The scar is less visible, feels less knotted and looks smoother.