Light therapy


Audrey Christian Octagon has an ultramodern equipment for light and color light therapy. It connects the most recent medical research experience in the light treatment.



LED lights are able to produce powerful therapeutic effects for both the face and body. This machine offers such a function where the therapist can choose the colours needed for each treatment. She can also choose to use all colours for thetreatment. There is flexibility to combine both the ultrasound and LED functions for a single treatment as well.

Light released covering wavelengths from 400 nm to about 780 nm and it emits absolutely no ultralfiolett radiation and hardly any infrared. However the actual treatment emerges just a hint infrared radiation.

With mobile and polarization color filter, Audrey Christian Octagon emit light from four different types:

  1. White light
  2. White light, polarized light
  3. Colored light
  4. Colored light, polarized light

Audrey Christian Octagon can offer a variety of cosmetic and medical treatment. Light stimulates psyched and its autonomic nervous system, as well as metabolism and cell renewal. Others typical treatment areas are, for example wound healing, strenghtning, maintaining of the immune system and general cell renewal. Light therapy can also be used for skin problem.

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Combination of LED and Ultra Sound

Light therapy for the face and body is using 35 LEDs (green, blue, red, yellow and white). Combined LED and ultrasound feature slimming and reducing cellulite.


Ultrasonic facial with light

  1. Facelift                         White and yellow
  2. Pigment Treatment    White, red and blue
  3. Eczema                        White, red, green
  4. Glow                             White and red

Ultralyd Generator:
1 channel– 32 kHz – 50V – 4 W/cm2

Fargeterapi Generator:
35 LEDs – 1W/cm2 – PWM

Strømforsyning– 7×5 farger:
Red • Blue • Yellow• Green • White